Narratives Unlimited D10 is a new kind of role playing game.  It is designed from the ground up to accommodate a very wide array of stories, from fantasy, modern, and science fiction.  It does not use typical role playing game elements like classes and levels.  You create the character you want to fit the story, the game is balanced to allow for characters of vastly different experience to interact believably. It follows one overarching rule, the rules exist to fulfil the narrative of the story.

A Quick Overview of Narratives Unlimited D10

Virtual Table Top Support

now on

Roll 20 is an on-line virtual table top that includes support for NUD10.  It has character sheets, tokens, voice and video chat, virtual 3D dice with a decent randomization scheme, and a lot of other goodies to boot. We have done much of our play testing on Roll20 web based virtual table top over the years. You can now use the NUD10 Character sheets in any Roll 20 game by selecting Campaign Settings and then the Narratives Unlimited D10 character sheet template.

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Narratives Unlimited D10 (Public Beta)

Updated:0.90c release.

The Narratives Unlimited D10 (NUD10) core rule book gives you everything you need to create and play an unlimited number of stories.  This novel role playing game system  puts the power in your hands to create the types of stories and characters you want to play.

Say goodbye to levels, xp, classes, and restrictions.  You can create the characters you want now, not after 6 months of play.  With a strong emphasis on character and narrative development you can play robust and compelling stories like never before.

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Character Generator Spreadsheet

Update: 0.85rc4 now available... Significant updates to this Character generator are now in progress... read the blog for more details.

Generate finished characters in just minutes.  Spend more time working on your character concept and less time on buying skills and equipment.  The character generator spreadsheet is programmed in LibreOffice basic using the free to download LibreOffice suite.   This character generation spreadsheet is free to all NUD10 players and supported on Windows, Mac, and Linx through LibreOffice.

The spreadsheet walks you through the steps of character creation and does all the heavy lifting in terms of keeping track of things and doing calculations. It reduces your time with mechanics and gives you more time to make decisions about who you want your character to be, and how they fit into the story.


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Creative Commons and the Copy Left Approach

When WOTC introduced the OGL, it brought open source concepts into the role playing game world.  There have been countless great adventures created over the years, and the OGL finally let a lot of them out of the basement.  That really is the great thing about copy left, getting all those great ideas out there to share with other people.

Sure you can make more money if you don't share... but what is the fun in that.  If you have something good, share it with the world and let the money issue take a back seat.  That is why copy left is a big part  of the plans for NUD10.  We are creating not just the core rules as a copy left toolkit for people to let their great stories out into the world using the Creative Commons 3.0 non-commercial attribution licence.  We are also releasing all of our settings under the same licence. That way the settings can grow with the community.

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NUD10 Release Roadmap

Public Beta

The public beta will encourage everyone to download, and to share the game with friends and acquaintances   In a multi-genre game like this, there are always things that can use some tweaking.  We hope to get as many people as possible playing through and finding tweaks for the system.

0.90 - 0.99 Feedback updates and artwork as it comes in


1.0  First edition - Print on Demand will be made available

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